Monday, 30 December 2013

Outfits of 2013

I saw this post format on Paige Joanna and thought it was a lovely way to look back over the year. A lot of things have happened to me over the past twelve months: I passed my AS Levels, successfully applied to university, I broke up with my boyfriend, got a job, turned 18, got a new boyfriend, carried on with my Chemistry A Level (that was never part of the plan!) and went to see Bowling For Soup, which was awesome.

Looking through my Lookbook posts for photos from each month, I realised that I do the same poses in almost every photo! And I really should find more interesting backgrounds than my bedroom wall... maybe "take better outfit photos" should be one of my resolutions?

January - February - March

I have to admit that this probably wasn't the greatest time for me. I hated sixth form the point where I was seriously looking into going to college instead, but I'm much happier now so I'm glad I stuck it out. And look how short my hair is! It's grown so much this year. 

April - May - June

This was a pretty stressful time for me because of all my revisions and exams, and it's going to be even worse next year when my results will determine if I get into university or not. But it was also a very lovely time because we had all that gorgeous weather, and going to school is so much more bearable when you can show up in a floral playsuit. 

July - August - September

I was pretty happy over the summer, my results came through (AABC) which I was very happy with, I spent quite a lot of time with friends and family and everything just seems so much pleasanter when it's sunny. Ofcourse there was the dreaded back-to-school but as it was my last one ever I was almost excited to get it over with and run away to university. 

October - November - December

I was very happy this year because I went to two Halloween parties, giving me the opportunity to dress up twice - I do love fancy dress. I also got my UCAS application sent off and received offers from everywhere that I applied so I was able to make my firm and insurance choices. I turned 18, had my first "night out" and had a wonderful Christmas. I am also looking forward to New Year's Eve tomorrow because it's the first year that I will have done something to celebrate, rather than just watching TV.

2013 was downright messy in places, but it has most certainly had its perks. I'm really looking forward to 2014: freshers, leaving school, a long care-free summer, I'll hopefully pass my driving test and maybe save up enough money to go on holiday somewhere. 

See you in the new year!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The anatomy of a trumpet is hilarious

Vest - H&M
Cardigan - Red Herring at Debenhams
Necklace - Pandora
Skirt - H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams
Nails - Amethyst Glitter by Barry M 
(with Rimmel I Love Lasting Colour Black Cherry as a base coat)

I'm so sorry that I've barely posted all month, I've just been so busy with school and work and CHRISTMAS (I hope you all had a good one!) it's a wonder I found the time to take these photos, never mind write a post.

The skirt has previously featured in an outfit post (Crawling back to you) and has become one of my staple pieces over the past few months, because it is just so wearable and never looks too dressy or too casual wherever I go. The heavy fabric also means that there haven't been any Marilyn moments in the wontry winds. And because it's dry clean only I don't have to wait for my mum to wash it, bonus! 

I got some lovely Christmas presents, including a Kindle Paperwhite, some new Converse (which will feature in a rare shoes-included post soon) Marc Jacobs perfume, another Barnes and Noble leatherbound classic (The Bronte sisters) and a huge bag of Soap and Glory.

Have you all had a good Christmas?

Sunday, 1 December 2013


Today as I logged on to my emails expecting to find nothing but junk from online shopping websites, I found an email from ucas to say that my final offer had come through, and all five of the universities I have applied to have accepted my offer!

I've applied to do English at Lincoln, Leicester, Sheffield Hallam, Leeds Trinity and Coventry - and all five of them wanted me, me! Can you believe it? I certainly can't. Applying for these courses was so daunting because I had nothing more than my AS grades, personal statement and a reference from my Head of Sixth Form, who has known me for little over a year, to get me through. No interviews, portfolios or auditions, purely an online form. I can't believe it worked. 

I've since accepted my firm (Lincoln) and insurance (Sheffield Hallam) choices, rejecting the other three. Rejection is a harsh word, but I'm so happy because now I can stop worrying about getting in and just work my butt off for those 300 ucas points. I need to organise my student finance and accommodation (it's scary to think that I'll be living away from home in less than a year) and then it all comes down to results day, 14th August, here I come! 

I'm so excited!

Are any of you applying to university this year?