Tuesday, 23 July 2013

House Party Fashion

House party

Lipsy floral dress

Topshop leather jacket
£65 - topshop.com

Zara shoes
£33 - zara.com

Blue Nile infinity bracelet
£46 - bluenile.com

Dolce Gabbana liquid eyeliner
£22 - sephora.com


House parties can be a bit of a mine field when it comes to what to wear - when you hear party, you think of dressing up, but then you hear house, which calls for something more casual. I usually go for a blend of casual and dressy, because if you don't know everyone who's going to be there, there isn't much opportunity to discuss outfit choices, and nobody likes to show up to a party feeling under or overdressed.

In this look I've gone for a simple summery dress, then toughened it up with a leather jacket. Sandals are a good option for a house party, because they're easy to slip on and off if the host asks you not to wear shoes indoors, but they mean you can be up dancing all night and are far less likely to stumble after a few drinks. Keep jewellery to a minimum and don't wear anything that you'd be distraught to lose (I've spent many a morning-after-the-night-before looking for some girl's Pandora bracelet that she lost after her sixth vodka Red Bull)

I never feel "ready" unless I've painted my nails, and as a bit of a traditionalist, I like my nails to co-ordinate with my outfit if I'm going out. Lastly, a flick of liquid eyeliner and some loose waves never look out of place.

House party

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Scrabble rings and other things

Tramlines is Sheffield, and arguably Yorkshire's, most well-known (and free) music event, with the likes of Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon sometimes even making an appearance.

But this year, this free music event was a whopping £6s due to a sponsor pulling out at the last minute...

...so we decided to just have the day out in Sheffield instead of paying a note and a coin to see Joseph and the Plumbers, or whatever discrete indie bands were on.

We visited Division Street, the best street in Sheffield, boasting the likes of Ark, Mint!, Rocky Horrors, Bang Bang Vintage and A New Shop, which are a variety of vintage and just generally cool shops.

From these, between us, we purchased;
  • A Medley bracelet
  • Kreepersville 666 Bone hair grips
  • Ark Hearts and Bows butterfly crop top
  • Ark floral dress
Also on the list of must-visit shops in Sheffield is Blue Banana, an alternative clothing and piercing shop, where I (Hannah) purchased a pair of lightening bolt earrings for £2.99.

To our delight, there was a Vintage Fair on in the town hall, which was £1 for students. Inside, there was an array of vintage clothing and jewellery stands as well as a cute little cafe! We both bought a scrabble ring with a H on for 2 for £4! Very cute!

Other purchases of the day include;

  • Topshop black jeans
  • Topshop lemon frill socks
  • H&M yellow crop top
  • Two black Primark t-shirts
  • Topshop navy socks
  • Topshop grey frilly socks 

Friday, 19 July 2013

They're here

Mum picked me up from work yesterday, and in the car home I asked in hopeful-yet-pessimistic tone "I don't suppose my shoes came today did they?" yet to my surprise and delight, Mum said "Yes, they did actually"

The shoes in question (pictured above) are my payday treat, a little "well done me" for getting my first job and now being able to buy silly things like five inch heels (but because the platforms are almost one a half inches high, the heel is actually only 3 and a half inches, making them almost possible to walk in) I haven't quite figured out what to wear them with, but I am sure that they will feature in an outfit post at some point. 

From Boohoo.com, the shoes are called the Holly Suedette Block Heel Boot and you can look up the details here (as I write this they are currently out of stock, but Boohoo does update their stock regularly) they were quite a bargain at only £35 for such a striking purchase, but in an all-purpose black I hope that I will get my moneys worth... and even if I don't, they still feel rather fabulous for walking around the house in!

One of the things I cannot get over is how small my feet look when I look down at them in these shoes. As a size 6 (UK) my feet are average-verging-on-big but they look positively petite in these heels, especially with the minimal point on the toe, meaning my feet aren't extended at all.

Luckily my boyfriend is 5'11" meaning I can go out with him in these shoes, I can't decide if that's good or if it's just depressing that I'm still not taller than him, even in five inch heels. I realise that it makes me a poor excuse for a feminist when I still feel a girl should be shorter than her boyfriend, but I am just a sucker for tradition. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


With breaking up from school last week, my summer has officially begun and this makes me happy. Summer just makes everything better, even the simplest things are ten times more enjoyable in nice weather (apart from working, working in hot weather sucks) 

Did I tell you all that I have a job now? It's only potwashing in a coffee shop, but a job is a job and having my own money (however little) is absolutely lovely. I have taken advantage of payday and have ordered myself a pair of shoes from Boohoo.com - I love waiting for things to arrive in the post, and hopefully they will be here by the weekend!

I've just finished reading The Handmaid's Tale on recommendation from a friend who is reading it in her Lit class. I'm not usually a fan of books that I feel I'm supposed to like because they're on an English specifications, but this book is completely different. It was written in the eighties so I could actually understand what everyone was saying and what was happening, which is always a bonus. It was a really good book but I don't want to give too much away, if you want to find out more, look it up on Amazon here

Over the summer I'm hoping to go to a little festival in a local city - that's happening this weekend, provided I don't get called into work, so me and Hannah will probably be posting about our adventures. 

I'm going on holiday soon aswell, only in England with my parents, but we're spending a couple of nights in Durham as part of the holiday, Durham is a gorgeous city and I wish I was clever enough to attend the university next September. The shopping in Durham is also really good, with loads of cool shops. 

When I get back from holiday it's results day, which I'm really dreading, but I'm taking comfort in the fact that the only thing resting on these results is if I can carry on with my A2 exams or not, the pressure will be on next year when my results will determine if I can go to uni.

I must apologise for the millionth time about our lack of posting lately, hopefully the summer will inspire us to write more as we have more to write about, who doesn't love summer fashion, right?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

First drafts of my Summer Wishlist

Lazy Oaf Bones Bodycon Dress £20.00 
Topshop Fox Stone Midi Ring £4.00 
Miss Selfridge Check Crop T-Shirt Top £32.00

Now, I know that so far these are probably the most un-summery things I could have chosen. But - apart from my birthday - me and Summer don't get on that well anyway (hot, humid, headache weather, bees, sunburn and pale skin), so I guess this is my little stab at Summer, my anti-Summer.
However, as much as it may not sound like it, I'm so happy Summer is finally here, it really is happy weather, and I love the way it makes everything so golden and glowing - except me of course! I happen to be Moonkissed remember.