Saturday, 20 July 2013

Scrabble rings and other things

Tramlines is Sheffield, and arguably Yorkshire's, most well-known (and free) music event, with the likes of Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon sometimes even making an appearance.

But this year, this free music event was a whopping £6s due to a sponsor pulling out at the last minute... we decided to just have the day out in Sheffield instead of paying a note and a coin to see Joseph and the Plumbers, or whatever discrete indie bands were on.

We visited Division Street, the best street in Sheffield, boasting the likes of Ark, Mint!, Rocky Horrors, Bang Bang Vintage and A New Shop, which are a variety of vintage and just generally cool shops.

From these, between us, we purchased;
  • A Medley bracelet
  • Kreepersville 666 Bone hair grips
  • Ark Hearts and Bows butterfly crop top
  • Ark floral dress
Also on the list of must-visit shops in Sheffield is Blue Banana, an alternative clothing and piercing shop, where I (Hannah) purchased a pair of lightening bolt earrings for £2.99.

To our delight, there was a Vintage Fair on in the town hall, which was £1 for students. Inside, there was an array of vintage clothing and jewellery stands as well as a cute little cafe! We both bought a scrabble ring with a H on for 2 for £4! Very cute!

Other purchases of the day include;

  • Topshop black jeans
  • Topshop lemon frill socks
  • H&M yellow crop top
  • Two black Primark t-shirts
  • Topshop navy socks
  • Topshop grey frilly socks 

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