Sunday, 26 August 2012

Headed nowhere

Cardigan - £18 - Next 
Vest - £3 - George at ASDA 
Shorts - £12 - Dorothy Perkins Sale
Necklace - £15 
Watch - £75 - Fossil 

Yes, I buy clothes from ASDA, don't judge me - they do have some nice things!
The necklace was from an adorable shop in Durham that I cannot remember the name of, but it had the most beautiful things inside so if you ever go to Durham, look for it and you will not be disappointed if you like a cute and pretty look, which is what I'm finding myself more and more drawn towards these days.

At the moment I'm reading Looking For Alaska, and I'm unashamed to say that I bought the book from Amazon simply because I found this quote on Tumblr and thought it was absolutely lovely.

£4.89 from Amazon
My Tumblr - Fox Eyebrows
And so far I have not been disappointed - the book came at about 3pm on Thursday and I'm already halfway through - partly because I've had very little to do this weekend (which is not what I intended, I wish I was at Leeds) and partly because the book is beautiful.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

One year on...

Shirt - £22 - Next
Shorts - £12 - Dorothy Perkins Sale
Bracelets - Various

This post is actually four days late, because mine and Alex's one year anniversary was actually on Wednesday, I just didn't get round to uploading and editing the photos until today - sorry! I really can't wait to start Photography in September so I'll learn how to properly edit photos, rather than relying on the effects provided by Photobucket.

I like the shirt pictured because although it is one of the sheer button-up shirts that are all over the high street at the moment, it's not so see through that I need to wear a nude vest top underneath to avoid showing the world my underwear. At the moment I always seem to find myself thinking that when I see clothes - how am I supposed to wear that and not show my bra off to the world? Maybe that is the intention of the shirts, I don't know, but at sixteen, getting my boobs out for the world to see just seems a little bit inappropriate, or am I just a prude?

As you may know, it's Leeds and Reading Festival this weekend, and I'd have sold my soul to get a weekend ticket because of the amazing line up - so if anyone reads this on Monday after coming back from either festival I am extreeeeeemely jelly of you!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Eyeliner Tattoos

That title may not seem as if it explains much about this post, but in fact that's about all there is to it. My cousin, Sally, rather likes the idea of having a white dandelion tattoo'd on her foot, or possibly on the back of her neck. Since I took Art at GCSE, she seems to think that I can draw (I'm actually pretty shite) and so I was roped in to do her a temporary tattoo in henna of said dandelion.

When I got to Sally's house, she then realised that she was supposed to leave the henna overnight, and add eucalyptus oil, but we proceeded nonetheless, and I sketched out something of a stencil for myself in liquid eyeliner.

Since Sally is an avid wearer of flip-flops, I had her wear them whilst I did the sketch so that it wasn't half-covered by the straps. 
She posted it on Facebook, where my aunty said that she'd buy some henna and let me do her a tattoo (I may have to start charging for my services!) 

In the end, however, Sally thought it best to make up the henna properly so that there was less chance of things going wrong - henna does last for six weeks so you don't want to mess it up!

That was my Thursday night, how was yours?

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Yesterday me and Alex decided to be all sophisticated and catch the train to Sheffield. Going on the train always makes me feel suave - I'm not too sure why - but it ruined the illusion when I drank too much lemonade and let out a huge burp. Never mind, eh?

For my summer project in Photography I've been asked to go to any art gallery, pick up all the leaflets that I can then write about my experience, so I decided to drag Alex along to the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield, mainly because it was the only one that I could figure out where it was.

To thank Alex for letting my drag him around the place (I'm not fond of galleries myself, I always find them to be pretentious and I'm never too keen on whatever I'm forced to look at) I bought him a cupcake from Fancie. If you've never been to Fancie, I highly recommend them, they are simply the most delicious cupcakes I've ever eaten in my entire life.

Look at the cute little individual pots they come in!
I had Carrot Cake, Alex had Butterscotch

Yesterday morning, it was absolutely beautiful weather, so I set off in denim shorts, a top and brogues. It was great weather until we came out of Debenhams - it clouded over and dropped freezing cold - Alex let me get the jumper he'd just bought out of the carrier bag and put it on. Needless to say, it buried me and I looked rather like I was just wearing a jumper.

We had lunch in some French place called Cafe Rouge - we each ordered a chicken baguette and when it came out it was swimming in some sort of garlic-mustard-butter stuff. I struggled on but in the end I just took the chicken out of the bread and ate that. 

After that, we ran through the rain under my tiny umbrella to Starbucks and got large caramel hot chocolates complete with whipped cream, stick to what you know, right?

Walking back to the train station, my feet were squelching in my "sensible" brogues. Nice.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

If you've been wondering where I've been (although I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't) I've been on holiday for the past two weeks with my parents, I know, how cool am I?
It was a pretty good holiday overall, the weather was great, the places were lovely and I found out that Greggs still do sweet chilli chicken sandwiches.

Awesome shoe shop in Durham that sold Dr Martens, Havianas, Vans, Converse and Creepers - like an independent version of Schuh.

I'm somewhat tempted to apply to Durham university just so I can go into that library - how pretty is that stone work?

There were loads of bridges across Durham...

See what I mean?

We also went to Beamish, it's basically a load of farmland that's been built on to look like a 19th century town, sounds lame, but it wasn't so bad.

In the back room of the sweet shop, you saw all the sweets being made and got free samples, yum!

We passed the Angel of the North on our way to Northumberland - I don't really like it but sometimes you feel obliged to take photos of such touristy things, don't you?

Bamburgh Castle...

A beautiful bit of beach about half a mile away from where we stayed...

The most relaxed caravan site ever; this is not where we stayed.

This is my dog, Rio. She's a three-year-old Jack Russell but everyone thinks she's a puppy and occasionally gets mistaken for a Daschund. She doesn't pose for the camera so this is about as good as it's ever going to get.

I had about three sips of this Slush before pouring it all down me...

A pretty impressive wooden carving in Knaresborough, near Harrogate.

It's good to be home.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Look at the shoes I got yesterday...

I'm gonna wear them everyday of my life for sure

That is all :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Princess Brawl

This is something I drew last night, it's not finished or coloured yet, but so far it's Snow White, Ariel and Cinderella having a fight :)

I'll post the finished one when it is finished!

Thankyou for reading/looking :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sally Finkelstein

Today I did a quick drawing and painting of Sally from Time Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', and since last halloween or there abouts I have been thinking that she will be my costume for this year - I plan ahead that far you see, organised right here, sort of - so here is my picture, and a costume tutorial for Sally Finkelstein, I hope you enjoy :)

I looked on Youtube and found that these were the best two make up tutorials, they're both ever so slightly different, using different types of make up for some aspects depending on what you have already available so to not spend too much :)
 vintageortacky on Youtube also has a good four part tutorial, which isn't as accurate but you may prefer!

Here is the generic Sally dress, you can buy all different sizes on Ebay and Amazon, it is exactly like the movie dress, but a little bit pricey!

If you want something a little bit different from the regular dress but still want to look like Sally this is a good thing to try!

You can also buy 'Sexy Sally' costumes, but I'm not encouraging that, I really can't image movie Sally the Ragdoll showing off her bits.

Here is explained how to make your own Sally dress and wig :)

If you're really going all out, get your boyfriend or a friend who is a boy to be Jack Skellington!

Enjoy :)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Okay so, I'm the worst person in the world, I completely forget about what I'm supposed to do daily, and this blog has become one of those things! It's not because I can't be bothered because I love posting, I just forget haha!

I will be doing a few posts filled with various things! First of all - prom. And I'll also fill you in on my prom dress disaster!

I'm in the ivory/cream dress! Which I got the night before prom, due to the shop I got my original prom dress from! We took it in for altering over a month before prom, they said it would be done within a week and they would ring us - 3 weeks later, no call.

We rang them for a week with no response, by now the prom was days away and I had no dress. They left us a message saying, yes it was fine to pick it up after 3 on Friday, we went down around 4, as my mum has work on weekdays, they were closed. The prom was the next Thursday, we went to pick up the dress on Monday and they were closed, then finally on Tuesday, me and my dad went in as soon as they opened, we got the dress and took it home, not thinking to look at the alteration they had made.

My mum got home from work that day and asked if we had managed to get it, I said we had. She went upstairs to the dress, and came back down, telling me they had altered the dress in black, maybe brown thread. Bearing in mind the dress is a midnight blue/french navy colour. They were supposed to roll hemming it, they had obviously done this wrong at least once and proceeded to unstitch the thread and possibly cut it back, meaning the thread couldn't even be taken out as the hem was ruined. My mum made me try on the dress, and it looked bad.

So on Wednesday evening, after my mum had been to work, we went on a panic shop, and finishing at 9 before the majority of the shops closed, we had found this ivory dress, that (don't tell anyone) I like so much better than the original dress I had.

As you can tell from the pictures I'm not into the whole taking it seriously business, I don't think prom can be taken too seriously, in fear of becoming a bit of a drama queen. After all, it's not the Oscars is it?

Thanks for reading :)