Saturday, 25 August 2012

One year on...

Shirt - £22 - Next
Shorts - £12 - Dorothy Perkins Sale
Bracelets - Various

This post is actually four days late, because mine and Alex's one year anniversary was actually on Wednesday, I just didn't get round to uploading and editing the photos until today - sorry! I really can't wait to start Photography in September so I'll learn how to properly edit photos, rather than relying on the effects provided by Photobucket.

I like the shirt pictured because although it is one of the sheer button-up shirts that are all over the high street at the moment, it's not so see through that I need to wear a nude vest top underneath to avoid showing the world my underwear. At the moment I always seem to find myself thinking that when I see clothes - how am I supposed to wear that and not show my bra off to the world? Maybe that is the intention of the shirts, I don't know, but at sixteen, getting my boobs out for the world to see just seems a little bit inappropriate, or am I just a prude?

As you may know, it's Leeds and Reading Festival this weekend, and I'd have sold my soul to get a weekend ticket because of the amazing line up - so if anyone reads this on Monday after coming back from either festival I am extreeeeeemely jelly of you!


  1. Don't worry about your tits honestly :) Anyone who is still staring at a subtle plain white bra well....clearly needs to find some better imagination stimulus. Wear a cami under if you still feel a bit exposed and if that's a bit too much fabric under, a lot of places sell cheap bandeaus that you can wear over your bra and under the shirt so it blocks out the print/shape.

    1. Haha! Nice one!
      Yeah, I think if I find a sheer top that I really love I'll have to get a cami or bandeau like you said, because is there anything tackier than a 16-year-old-girl with her tits on full display?
      As well as that, I don't really consider myself to be the most body-confident person in the world, so I don't like to feel too exposed.
      Thankyou for reading/commenting! xx

  2. Hi dear!
    WOW, I love your blog so much! Cute outfit!
    I'm here your newest follower!
    Have a nice day!

    1. You really love us? You're so sweet, thankyou! xx