Thursday, 16 August 2012


Yesterday me and Alex decided to be all sophisticated and catch the train to Sheffield. Going on the train always makes me feel suave - I'm not too sure why - but it ruined the illusion when I drank too much lemonade and let out a huge burp. Never mind, eh?

For my summer project in Photography I've been asked to go to any art gallery, pick up all the leaflets that I can then write about my experience, so I decided to drag Alex along to the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield, mainly because it was the only one that I could figure out where it was.

To thank Alex for letting my drag him around the place (I'm not fond of galleries myself, I always find them to be pretentious and I'm never too keen on whatever I'm forced to look at) I bought him a cupcake from Fancie. If you've never been to Fancie, I highly recommend them, they are simply the most delicious cupcakes I've ever eaten in my entire life.

Look at the cute little individual pots they come in!
I had Carrot Cake, Alex had Butterscotch

Yesterday morning, it was absolutely beautiful weather, so I set off in denim shorts, a top and brogues. It was great weather until we came out of Debenhams - it clouded over and dropped freezing cold - Alex let me get the jumper he'd just bought out of the carrier bag and put it on. Needless to say, it buried me and I looked rather like I was just wearing a jumper.

We had lunch in some French place called Cafe Rouge - we each ordered a chicken baguette and when it came out it was swimming in some sort of garlic-mustard-butter stuff. I struggled on but in the end I just took the chicken out of the bread and ate that. 

After that, we ran through the rain under my tiny umbrella to Starbucks and got large caramel hot chocolates complete with whipped cream, stick to what you know, right?

Walking back to the train station, my feet were squelching in my "sensible" brogues. Nice.

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