Monday, 26 November 2012

How to wear: Galaxy print jeans

With such a strong print and varied colour palette on your legs, it can be heard to know what to wear on top, and on your feet, with galaxy print. And since I got my galaxy print jeans on Wednesday (and am yet to wear them) I thought that it would be beneficial for both me and you to see what everyone else is teaming with their galaxy print.

All photos from Lookbook.

Katherine wears these Black Milk leggings with a simple white vest tee and black leather waistcoat. Perfect, simple, chic.

Willabelle goes for a smarter look, balancing the gorgeous purple galaxy print with a crisp white shirt and cream blazer. A great nod to this season's masculine trend.

Megan wears her leggings with a gorgeous oversized black shirt and black heels, taking her perfectly from day to night.

Heather has also put a grungy twist on the look, adding a white tee and denim waistcoat, big hair and loads of attitude, what could go wrong?

Hannah is another girl wearing her leggings with an oversized black shirt (though this one is velvet, a perfect autumn/winter fabric) The vintage jewellery also works really nicely with the shirt, giving the print a classier feel.

So, most of the people featured teamed their galaxy print jeans/leggings with a black top, and many of them were oversized. The jeans could work with any shoes, from masculine brogues to strappy heels to grungy boots, depending on your mood, preference and destination.

My point? Don't ever worry about buying something because you're not sure what to wear it with, worry about that later, and Lookbook is always there to help.

Saturday, 24 November 2012


It was my birthday on Wednesday, and I received some of lovely presents (plus a fair amount of money!) and I wanted to share them with all of you.

This bubble bar from Lush (aptly named "Bubblebeard") was from my cousin. I used it last night and it was absolutely lovely! A little bit boring compared to other Lush creations, but this one didn't leave a pink scum around the bath for ages. Mum approved.

Alex's mum gave me The Original River Cottage Cookbook, after I said that I didn't want any more baking books (I have around six and have made about three recipes from them in total) It's a huge chunk of a book and although I've not had a proper look through just yet, I'm sure that there'll be lots of lovely recipes to try out. 

Alex bought me two CDs that although I already have on my iPod (thanks to YouTube converter) I really wanted them in the flesh: "Konk" by the Kooks and "What Did You Expect from The Vaccines" by, erm, The Vaccines. There's something about owning a physical CD, even though I never play them, which I really like.

Alex also got me these amazing galaxy print jeans from River Island (excuse my fluffy socks!) I've been eyeing these up for ages and was so happy when he gave them to me. It was an extremely lucky fit too, as he bought them when I wasn't even there, and they fit perfectly!

Mum and Dad's main present for me was a set of driving lessons, but they also gave me this lovely copy of Alice in Wonderland. It's part of a selection of classics that have been leather bound by Barnes and Noble, I think that all books should look like them.

And Hannah, of Doubleyou fame, bought me this beautiful green flower necklace (I assure you that it is green, and it's just my dodgy camera that makes it look turquoise) There's something about redheads and the colour green, I always end up drawn to it.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Nan Goldin photoshoot

Today in Photography, I was told to do a Photoshoot in order to recreate the works of Nan Goldin. Hannah modelled for me (cheers Han) and she wanted you guys to see the results (pre-Photoshop)
I've put the original photos by Nan Goldin above my versions; let me know what you think!



I couldn't recreate the iconic One Month After Being Battered today, I'm hoping that will come one day when Hannah can come over and we can raid my make-up bag.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I want a cuddly carrot

While me and my mum were going through the big box of fancy dress costumes in our loft, she dug out this dress she'd bought 20 years ago from Miss Selfridge, I have no idea why it ended up in a box of fancy dress, but I'm glad that it did. Who am I to turn down a free, vintage Miss Selfridge dress? And with the whole '90's revival trend this season, it's the cherry on the cake.

The necklace was from Alnwick market when I visited back in the summer when I went on holiday with my parents. On the back, you can see all the little cogs and workings and I just think it's beautiful.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Perfect Pant

Since Miss deemed it "inappropriate" for me to write a mock magazine article on knickers for my English Language coursework, I decided to write a real life blog post for you lovelies instead.

Before we begin, this post is strictly about knickers, no scary thongs will be creeping their way up my backside, thankyou very much.

So, where to go for the perfect pant?

The first stop for affordable pants in bountiful colours and patterns is ofcourse Primark, which has hundreds of pairs stacked up on those tables that we've all come to love. Admit it, you know you do. This ofcourse is where Primark splits itself firmly down the middle - one half is full of pants and girly boxers with cute and colourful prints (not to mention the cheeky messages around the waist) And then there's the other half... the dark side. Scary thongs made from little more than lace and dental floss. Urgh.
I do like the not-terrifying Primark pants though. They're cheap (around £2 a pair) and they have different patterns every time you go in. However, the girly boxers do lead to a bit of a wedgie problem for me, but if you buy them in the next size up, then that solves the problem :)

The next stop is New Look, their pants are again very reasonably priced (3 pairs for £7, working out at around £2.30 each) and also come in a wide range of colours and patterns. And there's far fewer scary pants in there.

Miss Selfridge also do lovely knickers, at just £3 a pair if you buy 3 pairs for £9 (a constant offer so there's no reason not to take advantage) They do a lot of pants in chiffon, which I didn't think would be particularly comfortable at first, however it turns out that they are lovely and soft on the old bum cheeks and they're not too see through either (another feature of the oh-so-scary Primark thongs)

And finally, my ultimate choice when it comes to pants, and in fact all clothes... Topshop.
At a fairly pricey £4 each or 3 for £10, they aren't the cheapest of pants by a long way, however they are absolutely worth it. And if you can hold out for the sale, some lines are sold off at just £2 a pop - Primark prices for Topshop stuff? Sold.
I happened to pick up a pair of these God-send knickers in the Topshop sale and I am not ashamed to say that they are so comfortable I sometimes forget that I'm even wearing underwear and have to check!

So, my actual point? If you can, save up and go to Topshop for your knickers. But if you can't wait, Primark ones aren't half bad either.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I don't know what I've been doing that has made me unable to post. Well, I've had shit loads of Chemistry homework (none of which I've understood) had to do another shoot for Photography and find a style model for English. Oh, and I have a Psychology test tomorrow that I should be revising for. Fuck.

Last Friday, I went shopping with my parents and came away with my winter boots for this season.

Office - £85

Studs are everywhere this season, from shoes to jackets to jumpers. These boots are a subtle nod to the trend, and I'll still be able to wear them even if studs are nowhere to be seen next season (in Britain, you can't keep winter boots just for the winter, I'll probably wear them frequently throughout the summer too) they also incorporate the 90's grunge trend that seems to be a running theme this autumn/winter.

Oh, and it's my birthday in a week. Presents accepted in the post guys.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Firework Fashion

Admittedly, this is a bit of a late post, but there will be more than just Bonfire Night over the next few months which require us to wrap up warm, but still want to look on-trend.

Melissa Twist Yarn Jumper - £42 - Fat Face
MOTO Vintage Skinny Baxter - £40 - Topshop
Dr Martens 8 Eyelet White Patent Boot - £90 - Office
Navy Hooded Duffle Coat - £80 - River Island
Grey Mohair Cable Knit Bobble Hat - £4.99 - New Look
Grey Fingerless Mitten Gloves - £5.99 - New Look
Lofty Sparkle Snood - £20 - Accessorize 

Raspberry Shammys 2 pack - £6 - Dorothy Perkins

As well as Bonfire Night, this look would be lovely for a non-uniform day (Children in Need is coming up) a crisp autumn walk or Boxing Day shopping. 

The style of gloves featured are my absolute favourite kind: the fold-over mittens means that it's easy to flip them off and do something fiddly like getting change out of your purse or sending a text, the mitten part keeps your fingers toasty the rest of the time and they have full thumbs meaning that your thumbs don't get cold either, perfect.

What do you guys think to my look?

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Post #100

Yes, it took 10 months, gained us 15 followers and recieved over 2000 page views, but our 100th post is finally here!

Me and Hannah have been debating over what we should write for our 100th blog post, and then she suggested that I share with you some of the Photography work I've been doing as part of my A Level. And since I have no better ideas, here you are:

I can't quite make my mind up about Photography, on one hand, I do like taking the photos and editing them on Photoshop (and actually being taught how to use Photoshop, instead of fumbling around with it like I did last year) However, it also feels a bit of a drag when I have to ask my friends to let me take their photos, especially since I sometimes find it awkward when I have to boss them around and tell them how to pose. 

I hope that it doesn't take another 10 months until we get to post 200, but before then, it will be Moonkissed's first birthday (and before then, it's my actual birthday, presents accepted through the post) and I hope that we'll be a little more prepared for that venture than we were for this one.

Thanks for reading, and giving us the motivation to get to post 100, here's to the next hundred posts.