Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I don't know what I've been doing that has made me unable to post. Well, I've had shit loads of Chemistry homework (none of which I've understood) had to do another shoot for Photography and find a style model for English. Oh, and I have a Psychology test tomorrow that I should be revising for. Fuck.

Last Friday, I went shopping with my parents and came away with my winter boots for this season.

Office - £85

Studs are everywhere this season, from shoes to jackets to jumpers. These boots are a subtle nod to the trend, and I'll still be able to wear them even if studs are nowhere to be seen next season (in Britain, you can't keep winter boots just for the winter, I'll probably wear them frequently throughout the summer too) they also incorporate the 90's grunge trend that seems to be a running theme this autumn/winter.

Oh, and it's my birthday in a week. Presents accepted in the post guys.

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