Saturday, 3 November 2012

Post #100

Yes, it took 10 months, gained us 15 followers and recieved over 2000 page views, but our 100th post is finally here!

Me and Hannah have been debating over what we should write for our 100th blog post, and then she suggested that I share with you some of the Photography work I've been doing as part of my A Level. And since I have no better ideas, here you are:

I can't quite make my mind up about Photography, on one hand, I do like taking the photos and editing them on Photoshop (and actually being taught how to use Photoshop, instead of fumbling around with it like I did last year) However, it also feels a bit of a drag when I have to ask my friends to let me take their photos, especially since I sometimes find it awkward when I have to boss them around and tell them how to pose. 

I hope that it doesn't take another 10 months until we get to post 200, but before then, it will be Moonkissed's first birthday (and before then, it's my actual birthday, presents accepted through the post) and I hope that we'll be a little more prepared for that venture than we were for this one.

Thanks for reading, and giving us the motivation to get to post 100, here's to the next hundred posts.

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