Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Perfect Pant

Since Miss deemed it "inappropriate" for me to write a mock magazine article on knickers for my English Language coursework, I decided to write a real life blog post for you lovelies instead.

Before we begin, this post is strictly about knickers, no scary thongs will be creeping their way up my backside, thankyou very much.

So, where to go for the perfect pant?

The first stop for affordable pants in bountiful colours and patterns is ofcourse Primark, which has hundreds of pairs stacked up on those tables that we've all come to love. Admit it, you know you do. This ofcourse is where Primark splits itself firmly down the middle - one half is full of pants and girly boxers with cute and colourful prints (not to mention the cheeky messages around the waist) And then there's the other half... the dark side. Scary thongs made from little more than lace and dental floss. Urgh.
I do like the not-terrifying Primark pants though. They're cheap (around £2 a pair) and they have different patterns every time you go in. However, the girly boxers do lead to a bit of a wedgie problem for me, but if you buy them in the next size up, then that solves the problem :)

The next stop is New Look, their pants are again very reasonably priced (3 pairs for £7, working out at around £2.30 each) and also come in a wide range of colours and patterns. And there's far fewer scary pants in there.

Miss Selfridge also do lovely knickers, at just £3 a pair if you buy 3 pairs for £9 (a constant offer so there's no reason not to take advantage) They do a lot of pants in chiffon, which I didn't think would be particularly comfortable at first, however it turns out that they are lovely and soft on the old bum cheeks and they're not too see through either (another feature of the oh-so-scary Primark thongs)

And finally, my ultimate choice when it comes to pants, and in fact all clothes... Topshop.
At a fairly pricey £4 each or 3 for £10, they aren't the cheapest of pants by a long way, however they are absolutely worth it. And if you can hold out for the sale, some lines are sold off at just £2 a pop - Primark prices for Topshop stuff? Sold.
I happened to pick up a pair of these God-send knickers in the Topshop sale and I am not ashamed to say that they are so comfortable I sometimes forget that I'm even wearing underwear and have to check!

So, my actual point? If you can, save up and go to Topshop for your knickers. But if you can't wait, Primark ones aren't half bad either.

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