Saturday, 24 November 2012


It was my birthday on Wednesday, and I received some of lovely presents (plus a fair amount of money!) and I wanted to share them with all of you.

This bubble bar from Lush (aptly named "Bubblebeard") was from my cousin. I used it last night and it was absolutely lovely! A little bit boring compared to other Lush creations, but this one didn't leave a pink scum around the bath for ages. Mum approved.

Alex's mum gave me The Original River Cottage Cookbook, after I said that I didn't want any more baking books (I have around six and have made about three recipes from them in total) It's a huge chunk of a book and although I've not had a proper look through just yet, I'm sure that there'll be lots of lovely recipes to try out. 

Alex bought me two CDs that although I already have on my iPod (thanks to YouTube converter) I really wanted them in the flesh: "Konk" by the Kooks and "What Did You Expect from The Vaccines" by, erm, The Vaccines. There's something about owning a physical CD, even though I never play them, which I really like.

Alex also got me these amazing galaxy print jeans from River Island (excuse my fluffy socks!) I've been eyeing these up for ages and was so happy when he gave them to me. It was an extremely lucky fit too, as he bought them when I wasn't even there, and they fit perfectly!

Mum and Dad's main present for me was a set of driving lessons, but they also gave me this lovely copy of Alice in Wonderland. It's part of a selection of classics that have been leather bound by Barnes and Noble, I think that all books should look like them.

And Hannah, of Doubleyou fame, bought me this beautiful green flower necklace (I assure you that it is green, and it's just my dodgy camera that makes it look turquoise) There's something about redheads and the colour green, I always end up drawn to it.

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