Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jeepers Creepers!

As I was in the back of my cousin's car yesterday, on our way (the wrong way, I might add) to the destination of one of our escapades, we drove past a wearer of creepers, or brothel creepers, to give them their full name, and the name which I prefer.

But this creeper-owner was not what you would expect - they were not an 18-year-old girl with her top button fastened and a huge following on both Lookbook and Tumblr. Firstly, he was male.
He was a man, he was old (with grey hair) and was wearing an electric blue suit, might I mention at this point that his brothel creepers were red. Red shoes and a blue suit, eye-catching, aye? Although, colour-clashing is supposedly in this season, but I'm not entirely convinced that he had read Company magazine before heading out that morning.

I would actually quite enjoy a pair of creepers, however I do not believe that I have the right "look" to carry them off. That, and they are quite an investment, which would mean asking for a considerable donation from Mother and I don't think she would approve of me buying a pair of shoes with the word "brothel" in the name.

A bit of history here for you, they're called brothel creepers because soliders who'd just come back from WW2 went to the "nightspots of London" in shoes of this style, and they became known as brothel creepers because of this.

The first time I ever saw creepers was on Frankie from the third generation of Skins in 2009, and since then they have gained in popularity thanks to the revival of the grunge trend.


Friday, 17 February 2012

Prom dresses!

Yesterday was a great day, because Mum got in from work and took me to a prom dress shop!

It was only a small local place, so I wasn't too optimistic about going, I thought that it would help me get a better idea of what I want, but I didn't think I'd find my dress. The shop had apparently been very busy, because of it being half term so a lot of girls were going prom dress shopping with their mums, but me and my mum had the shop to ourselves, which was really lovely because there was only one changing room and getting in and out of those dresses can be pretty time-consuming!
Firstly, I tried on a gorgeous dark blue fishtail number, it turned out to be too small and because of the fishtail shape, it was really quite difficult to walk in. The colour was gorgeous though, so the idea of a navy dress was planted further into my mind...
Then, I tried on a green dress. It had lacing up the back, and was a really cool olive colour that also shimmered a shade of brown, it had a sweetheart neckline and was strapless, with some gems along the top. Down on my hip was another swirl of sequins and beads... that was it. The dress.
I tried on a couple of other designs - an interesting dark red dress with more sparkle and the skirt was made up of petal shaped pieces of fabric, it was really nice, but the colour of it just didn't go as well with my pale skin and ginger hair as the olive dress. And finally, I tried on a yellow dress - the bodice on it was beautiful, but only someone with a nice tan and dark hair could have shown off that dress to it's full potential - and with the name of this blog being Moonkissed - I think you know that I wasn't the person to wear that dress.
So, I put the green dress back on, with high bridal shoes and I tucked in my bra straps to make myself look slightly more elegant. I loved it. I still love it. I didn't want to take it off!
I'm sorry that I don't have a picture to show you - maybe I will have when I go for my next fitting, as it was about six inches too long for me, even with heels on!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Have you fallen in love with me yet?

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Being the old romantic that I am, I bought my boyfriend an Etch-a-Sketch for Valentine's Day (yes, you can laugh - everyone else did!) and I threw in some Pop Tarts and Love Heart sweets - the Pop Tarts because he'd never had any before - insert shocked face here - and the Love Heart sweets because he likes them and that's about as soppy as I'm ever going to get. And what did he buy me? A ukulele which, by the way, is absolutely brilliant and I've already just about got to grips with "Anyone Else But You" by the Moldy Peaches, which is featured on the Juno soundtrack, one of my favourite films ever.

My outfit was nothing amazing - I wore shorts and tights because I was out of clean jeans and don't know how my washing machine works. The T-Shirt is my boyfriend's which he gave me because it's too small for him, and because Ghostbusters was the first movie we ever watched together at his house back in the summer. The hoodie was from Topshop when I went shopping with my cousin and blew all my birthday money on clothes. 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Charlotte Free S/S 12 photoshoot for Edun

These photos of Charlotte Free are amazing, I love how her candy pink hair (which she dyes at home) and the butterflies make the picture appear so sweet and innocent, but her trademark expression is so contrasting, it's just so cool!

Yet again, another short and rubbish post, but I just wanted to put these photos up! I'll post again, and hopefully much better, soon!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hayley Williams at the CMT Music Awards

As I have previously mentioned, Hayley Williams is pretty much my idol, and when I saw these pictures of her at the 'CMT Music Awards', I just HAD to post about it.
I mean...look at that outfit!
A pleated skirt, doc martins (or similar), a cross, a belt, and a see - throughy top, I wish I could pull that off!
It's just so amazing, I absolutely adore it!
It contrasts with her hair so dramatically, and she's checking many 'indie, tumblry trends'.
  • A cross necklace or similar
  • doc martins
  • black
  • and that awesome skirt and shirt combination
Oh yeah and fire hair, that's 'internet cool', and lets be honest, we all want to be internet cool!

One day I hope to dare to wear something this fantastic, she has once again inspired me to take a risk and push myself out of my comfort zone a little!

Sorry this is so rubbish-y and short, but my internet's being horribly slow, and I'm so tired, but it's half - term now (yay!), so hopefully the quality of my posts will improve with my mood.

The best necklaces ever...

I am quite the magpie, always looking at the jewellery stands in shops (especially the ones with a big lovely SALE sign hanging over them!) I love earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, even though my fingers are too short and stubby to suit most ring designs.

But, this post is about necklaces, the most amazing ones that I found whilst browsing Accessorize earlier this eve. I do recommend that you pop over there yourself, it may not be the cheapest place in the world, but it's worth every penny!

Firstly, a bargain at just SIX ENGLISH POUNDS, for an adorable alarm clock pendant! And, just to make things even better, matching earrings are available!

Another six pound bargain! Equally adorable and just a tad more adventurous, if only there was a little bird that came through the doors!

Another bargain, at just seven pounds for a lovely long pendant typewriter! I'm a sucker for anything retro or vintage, so a typewriter is just wonderful in my book. What's not to love?

And the finale. Yes it's twelve pounds, the price of both of the clock necklaces, but you see, this necklace has hidden beauty... because the harmonica actually WORKS! Yes, you can play the harmonica that hangs from the necklace!

I want one. I need one. I will beg, borrow and steal until one of them hangs in my bedroom.

Have fun in the snow!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My Spring/Summer resolutions

The three things that I am determined to beg, borrow or steal this upcoming season.

A peter pan collar.

I'm not fussy, it can be on a dress, a playsuit or a shirt (although I think I'll get the most use out of the shirt) but ever since I saw one of these cute as a button designs, I wanted one. They're just really, really cute. Don't you think?
Luckily, they're all over the high street so I should be able to pick one up for a reasonable amount from somewhere.

A floral playsuit.

I don't know whether I'd go for strapless or not, I think I'd have to firstly invest in a decent strapless bra that actually fits me first, but they are very cute and summery and they're just so easy to bung on because you only have to worry about which shoes, bag and jewellery to wear with it. There's no worrying about whether your shorts go with your top because they're sewn together, they're guaranteed to look good together!

A bralet.

Admittedly, this is my most daring wanted item, and I might have to start some sit-ups before I dare to buy one, but aren't they just so cool? Worn with high-waisted jeans (ofcourse) and maybe some Converse - what could go wrong?

Friday, 3 February 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Lipsticks

'Candy pink, tangerine orange and poppy red - spring's new lipsticks are as bright and fresh as can be.' -

The shades to dress your lips in S/S12 are apparently bright and girly, which is ace news, who doesn't love wearing vibrant lipsticks?!

Seeing as I am on an incredibly tight budget, as you may be too, I can't afford Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana, so here are a few cheap options!

all prices and products found at  

 'Make Up Academy Lipstick Shade 1' is a vivid 'poppy red' colour, and for just £1.00, you can't go too far wrong! They also do a 'Shade 13' which is a tangerine-y colour, and 'Shade 3' which is a candy pink colour.

Beauty UK do a lipstick called 'Innocent', which is a bright 'candy pink'! And it's only £3.49!

Accessorize have a tangerine shade called 'Coral Crush', just £5.00! They also have 'Really Red' and 'Velvet Pink'!

But if you aren't as unfortunate in funding as me, then look at vogue's top 10 lipsticks here -

Thankyou for reading! I may also be doing a lot more reading if we're snowed in for the next week.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

50 Things I love

Inspired by the Twitter trending topic, however because this is a fashion blog, here are the top 50 fashion-related things that I love. In no particular order, just as they came to my head.

  1. Hats
  2. Skinnies
  3. Converse
  4. Boyfriend cardigans
  5. Aztec prints
  6. Fairisle knits
  7. Cable knit jumpers
  8. Long pendants
  9. Big, statement rings
  10. Scarves
  11. Brogues
  12. Snoods
  13. Platform heels
  14. Beach curls
  15. Navy and white stripes
  16. Coloured jeans
  17. Shorts and tights
  18. Big hoodies - for those lazy days
  19. Funny T-Shirts
  20. Geek glasses
  21. Zip-through hoodies
  22. Floaty dresses
  23. Peter pan collars
  24. Bralets
  25. Floral playsuits
  26. The nautical trend
  27. Cropped T-Shirts
  28. High-waisted jeans
  29. Earmuffs
  30. Liquid eyeliner flicks
  31. Layering
  32. Floaty skirts
  33. Starry tights
  34. Irregular choice shoes
  35. Topshop
  36. T-Shirts with childhood characters on
  37. Those long necklaces with all the beads spread out on the chain
  38. Piled up bracelets
  39. Flower hair clips
  40. Red lips
  41. Crackle nail polish
  42. Short shorts
  43. Distressed denim
  44. Pocket watch necklaces
  45. Flower earrings
  46. Coats that make you feel all dressed up
  47. Teacup necklaces
  48. Skinny belts
  49. Band shirts
  50. Those innuendo T-Shirts from the men's section of Primark.
I would go into detail on these things, but it's ten past nine and being the hardcore teenager that I am, I'm really tired!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My favourite trend from New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

Good afternoon!

There was a lot of bright colours and interesting shapes, but, looking through the pictures, the thing that really stuck out for me was the long, pleated skirts;

I think they're really beautiful and feminine, and make you look sort of goddessy, and in want of a better word, 'Florence and the Machine-y'.

At first glance, you think, how the hell can I wear one of them?! But they do look really cool;
And you can get them literally everywhere, I mean, I've seen them in New Look, River Island, even Primark.


There's also dresses like this, and they're just so floaty and beautiful, I wish I had the guts and height to wear something like that, I'd need sufficient heels at least!

Anyway this is a short post due to the fact I have a sixth form interview tonight, GULP.