Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jeepers Creepers!

As I was in the back of my cousin's car yesterday, on our way (the wrong way, I might add) to the destination of one of our escapades, we drove past a wearer of creepers, or brothel creepers, to give them their full name, and the name which I prefer.

But this creeper-owner was not what you would expect - they were not an 18-year-old girl with her top button fastened and a huge following on both Lookbook and Tumblr. Firstly, he was male.
He was a man, he was old (with grey hair) and was wearing an electric blue suit, might I mention at this point that his brothel creepers were red. Red shoes and a blue suit, eye-catching, aye? Although, colour-clashing is supposedly in this season, but I'm not entirely convinced that he had read Company magazine before heading out that morning.

I would actually quite enjoy a pair of creepers, however I do not believe that I have the right "look" to carry them off. That, and they are quite an investment, which would mean asking for a considerable donation from Mother and I don't think she would approve of me buying a pair of shoes with the word "brothel" in the name.

A bit of history here for you, they're called brothel creepers because soliders who'd just come back from WW2 went to the "nightspots of London" in shoes of this style, and they became known as brothel creepers because of this.

The first time I ever saw creepers was on Frankie from the third generation of Skins in 2009, and since then they have gained in popularity thanks to the revival of the grunge trend.


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