Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hayley Williams at the CMT Music Awards

As I have previously mentioned, Hayley Williams is pretty much my idol, and when I saw these pictures of her at the 'CMT Music Awards', I just HAD to post about it.
I mean...look at that outfit!
A pleated skirt, doc martins (or similar), a cross, a belt, and a see - throughy top, I wish I could pull that off!
It's just so amazing, I absolutely adore it!
It contrasts with her hair so dramatically, and she's checking many 'indie, tumblry trends'.
  • A cross necklace or similar
  • doc martins
  • black
  • and that awesome skirt and shirt combination
Oh yeah and fire hair, that's 'internet cool', and lets be honest, we all want to be internet cool!

One day I hope to dare to wear something this fantastic, she has once again inspired me to take a risk and push myself out of my comfort zone a little!

Sorry this is so rubbish-y and short, but my internet's being horribly slow, and I'm so tired, but it's half - term now (yay!), so hopefully the quality of my posts will improve with my mood.

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