Monday, 19 March 2012

Part 1 of Hannah's prom dress trilogy

I am known for my indecisive clothes buying, and a prom dress, a single prom dress for one night only, is a massive choice!

Here is the first section of my dress journey!

So my initial idea, all those months ago, was to have a gothicy black corset dress, because I liked the idea of looking all witchy and corpse bride-y! I soon found my sense and realised prom is not a dress up party, (will someone tell this to some other girls?!), and I would look an utter fool - so i did the corpse bride thing to Halloween instead!

I wanted to look like myself! Just a version I wish I looked like everyday!

So I thought, I'll have a plum dress! A nice colour, an underrated colour, a colour that is acceptable!

here I go into the nearest wedding and prom dress shop, and I'm so nervous! I really hate being the centre of interest, being asked for my direct opinion and showing more flesh than I need too, and this was a frightening mix of the three!

Oh cruel attention! I really, really, really hated it, and the people were so lovely, it didn't make it any easier for me to be critical, or infact honest! The dresses were all amazing, just not what I wanted! But after trying on a grey, red, bright purple, dark green and navy blue, I wasn't sure what colour I was looking for either, but I have to say - rare moment of self - complimenting, savour it - that the dark blue didn't look too shabby against my pale skin or contrast terribly with my blue eyes.

Walking out of that shop I felt slightly more apprehensive, I really had expected to like them more than I did, was the prom dress I wanted out there at all?!


Wait for Part 2 to find out more!

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