Saturday, 27 October 2012

If you wanna be the Spice Girls

Last night me, Hannah and three of our friends went to the sixth form Halloween party dressed up as the Spice Girls. You may have read about our plans for this venture in Halloween #3 and Leopard Print Loathing, but I think that it's nice for you to see the finished product.

We all got ready at Baby Spice's house, to a soundtrack of the Spice Girls Greatest Hits album, and had great fun creating a faux bob for Posh, drawing on liquid eyeliner tattoos for Sporty and applying layers of bronzer to Scary.

The party had a lax fancy dress code, so when we arrived we were concerned that no-one else had dressed up, however as the night progressed plenty of people showed up in costume: a kilted Scotsmen, a group of surgeons, Cupid and Snow White, amongst others. The winner of the fancy dress costume was a guy dressed up in a giant inflatable willy costume, which probably tells you all you need to know about the class and tone of the party.

The guy at the bar knew exactly who I was dressed up as, which is the most important thing for me when it comes to fancy dress - there is nothing more awkward than talking to someone at a fancy dress party and having them ask you who you're supposed to be. I was also happy because my costume wasn't very slutty - it may have been short, but it wasn't up my arse and my boobs were nowhere near out.

With my first Halloween party of 2012 over, I can now really look forward to the second one on Tuesday.

Oh, and Spookbook is back! You can check out the entries so far and submit your own here.
Happy Halloween!


  1. hahaha, that is so fun! Happy Halloween :)


    1. Hehe! Thankyou!
      You can see my second Halloween costume here:
      Thanks for reading/commenting! :) xx