Sunday, 7 October 2012

Halloween #2

As you know, if you read Friday's Halloween post, I went shopping for my costume yesterday, and these are my socks for the occasion. As you can probably tell, I stitched the bows on myself, but if you have a serious needle-and-thread aversion and want to make something similar yourself, I imagine that fabric glue would work just as well. 

I want to go for a really cute look with my clothes, then destroy the whole illusion with my hair and make-up.

This is a photo of the make-up I am hoping to emulate

Freaky, right?

To do this look, I've bought:
w7 lipstick in Forever Red
w7 Massive Lashes Mascara (I usually use a brown/black mascara, as I prefer a more natural look, but I thought I should have big black lashes for Halloween)
w7 Automatic Eyeliner pencil (again, I would normally use a grey or brown eyeliner, for more subtle definition  but subtlety is not for Halloween!)
Beauty UK face powder in white (as I'm pale anyway, I could just buy a really pale foundation, as that's what I already use day-to-day, so I needed something more extreme)
LaJemme 11 colour eyeshadow, with shades of blue, yellow and green, which will all help me to emulate this style.

I got my make-up from a little stall in the market hall, so it all came out at less than a tenner! Since I won't be using this make-up very often, if every again, I begrudge spending lots of money on it, just for one use.

I'm really getting excited now!

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