Friday, 5 October 2012


As you all know, it's Halloween in just a few short weeks, and I'm going shopping for my costume tomorrow. I'm going as Little Dead Riding Hood, and I'm fashioning my own costume because ones in packages are:
  1. Expensive - I don't want to spend £30+ on a costume that I'll only wear once, because I will only wear it once, I want to go as something different to every fancy dress party.
  2. Slutty - they all stop mid-thigh and want me to thrust my tits out to the world. No, just no.
  3. Itchy and uncomfortable - they're made from cheap fabric that will make my skin itch, and if I feel uncomfortable then I won't have a good time.
I'm wearing a white blouse, black skirt, red gingham apron, red cape (ofcourse) white knee socks and black cut-out brogues. My hair is still undecided - do I crimp it or simply backcomb the life out of it? The plan is to do my make-up to make me look dead, with lots of white powder, deep red lipstick, and green bruise-coloured eyes. I'm also debating whether to buy a pair of freaky contact lenses or not; they'll complete the look and make me look demented, but I'm scared that if I manage to put them in, I'll lose the nerve to take them back out and that would cause serious issues. I think that it's sometimes forgotten that a Halloween costume's success is as dependant on the hair and make-up as it is the actual clothes. I hope that I get it right.

I love Halloween.
What are you guys dressing up as this year?
If you're lacking inspiration, I seriously recommend that you look through last years Spookbook entries, the costumes are simply beautiful!

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