Monday, 8 October 2012

Halloween #3

I'm so excited, because this year I'm going to not one, but two Halloween parties!
I was originally intending to go to both parties in my Little Dead Riding Hood costume, because I'm lazy and cannot be bothered to come up with a whole second idea, and then pay out again for another costume which will, ofcourse, only be worn once.

However, whilst I was slaving away in Photography this morning, my friends cooked up a plan for the sixth form Halloween party - us five are going as the Spice Girls. No prizes for guessing which of the group I'll be dressing up as...

And what springs to mind when someone says Geri Halliwell? That iconic Union Jack, erm, dress?

I think "dress" might be a little generous considering the worrying lack of fabric. Luckily, the fancy dress versions will atleast cover my bum cheeks.

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I will keep you updated with both of my Halloween costumes as the pieces are slowly slotted together, only a few short weeks to go!

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