Saturday, 29 September 2012

My new hat!

I've been trying on this style of hat pretty much every time I've been into town lately, and today I finally managed to justify buying one for myself, this one was £10 from H&M (and the guy at the till gave me a voucher for next time I go in, bonus!) I tried to find this hat on the H&M website to show you lot but it doesn't seem to be there, which is poo, since I only bought it a few hours ago! 

So, since I can't find this exact one, here are a couple of alternatives:

£25 - Topshop

ASOS Felt Roll Brim Bowler
£16 - ASOS

£30 - House of Fraser

Wearing a hat is, in my opinion, one of the boldest steps you can make, fashion-wise, as it draws a lot of attention to your face. I think there is a hat shape out there for everyone, be it a snapback, a trilby, a beanie, a trapper or a bowler, trying them on is the only way to find out what works for you. 
As with any item of clothing or accessory, what suits your friend will not always suit you, but that's okay - individuality is what makes the world as interesting as it is!

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