Monday, 10 September 2012

I've been at sixth form for two whole days and so far it's not turning out to be so bad!
Yes, I already have three pieces of Chemistry homework to do, but I always knew that A Levels wasn't going to be an easy path to follow, I came in expecting to be snowed under with work. So far it hasn't been too bad, but I know that I can't get away with the effort I put in for my GCSEs, I need to take it up a notch.

I'm also doing Photography this year, so I'll probably end up posting some of my work on here - I really can't wait to start working with an old Pentax, 35mm film and the enlarger in the darkroom, I'll feel like Julie from Cemetery Junction!

Obviously I'll be let loose with a DSLR or three, and I'm looking forward to learning how to actually use Photoshop, instead of stumbling through it like I did last year, but there's something about using the old 35mm cameras that's rather intriguing. All this photography means that I'm going to have to rope in friends and family as models, but I'll give them some cake to make it up for it!

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