Saturday, 4 August 2012

Okay so, I'm the worst person in the world, I completely forget about what I'm supposed to do daily, and this blog has become one of those things! It's not because I can't be bothered because I love posting, I just forget haha!

I will be doing a few posts filled with various things! First of all - prom. And I'll also fill you in on my prom dress disaster!

I'm in the ivory/cream dress! Which I got the night before prom, due to the shop I got my original prom dress from! We took it in for altering over a month before prom, they said it would be done within a week and they would ring us - 3 weeks later, no call.

We rang them for a week with no response, by now the prom was days away and I had no dress. They left us a message saying, yes it was fine to pick it up after 3 on Friday, we went down around 4, as my mum has work on weekdays, they were closed. The prom was the next Thursday, we went to pick up the dress on Monday and they were closed, then finally on Tuesday, me and my dad went in as soon as they opened, we got the dress and took it home, not thinking to look at the alteration they had made.

My mum got home from work that day and asked if we had managed to get it, I said we had. She went upstairs to the dress, and came back down, telling me they had altered the dress in black, maybe brown thread. Bearing in mind the dress is a midnight blue/french navy colour. They were supposed to roll hemming it, they had obviously done this wrong at least once and proceeded to unstitch the thread and possibly cut it back, meaning the thread couldn't even be taken out as the hem was ruined. My mum made me try on the dress, and it looked bad.

So on Wednesday evening, after my mum had been to work, we went on a panic shop, and finishing at 9 before the majority of the shops closed, we had found this ivory dress, that (don't tell anyone) I like so much better than the original dress I had.

As you can tell from the pictures I'm not into the whole taking it seriously business, I don't think prom can be taken too seriously, in fear of becoming a bit of a drama queen. After all, it's not the Oscars is it?

Thanks for reading :)

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