Tuesday, 9 July 2013

First drafts of my Summer Wishlist

Lazy Oaf Bones Bodycon Dress £20.00 
Topshop Fox Stone Midi Ring £4.00 
Miss Selfridge Check Crop T-Shirt Top £32.00

Now, I know that so far these are probably the most un-summery things I could have chosen. But - apart from my birthday - me and Summer don't get on that well anyway (hot, humid, headache weather, bees, sunburn and pale skin), so I guess this is my little stab at Summer, my anti-Summer.
However, as much as it may not sound like it, I'm so happy Summer is finally here, it really is happy weather, and I love the way it makes everything so golden and glowing - except me of course! I happen to be Moonkissed remember.

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