Friday, 19 July 2013

They're here

Mum picked me up from work yesterday, and in the car home I asked in hopeful-yet-pessimistic tone "I don't suppose my shoes came today did they?" yet to my surprise and delight, Mum said "Yes, they did actually"

The shoes in question (pictured above) are my payday treat, a little "well done me" for getting my first job and now being able to buy silly things like five inch heels (but because the platforms are almost one a half inches high, the heel is actually only 3 and a half inches, making them almost possible to walk in) I haven't quite figured out what to wear them with, but I am sure that they will feature in an outfit post at some point. 

From, the shoes are called the Holly Suedette Block Heel Boot and you can look up the details here (as I write this they are currently out of stock, but Boohoo does update their stock regularly) they were quite a bargain at only £35 for such a striking purchase, but in an all-purpose black I hope that I will get my moneys worth... and even if I don't, they still feel rather fabulous for walking around the house in!

One of the things I cannot get over is how small my feet look when I look down at them in these shoes. As a size 6 (UK) my feet are average-verging-on-big but they look positively petite in these heels, especially with the minimal point on the toe, meaning my feet aren't extended at all.

Luckily my boyfriend is 5'11" meaning I can go out with him in these shoes, I can't decide if that's good or if it's just depressing that I'm still not taller than him, even in five inch heels. I realise that it makes me a poor excuse for a feminist when I still feel a girl should be shorter than her boyfriend, but I am just a sucker for tradition. 

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