Sunday, 1 December 2013


Today as I logged on to my emails expecting to find nothing but junk from online shopping websites, I found an email from ucas to say that my final offer had come through, and all five of the universities I have applied to have accepted my offer!

I've applied to do English at Lincoln, Leicester, Sheffield Hallam, Leeds Trinity and Coventry - and all five of them wanted me, me! Can you believe it? I certainly can't. Applying for these courses was so daunting because I had nothing more than my AS grades, personal statement and a reference from my Head of Sixth Form, who has known me for little over a year, to get me through. No interviews, portfolios or auditions, purely an online form. I can't believe it worked. 

I've since accepted my firm (Lincoln) and insurance (Sheffield Hallam) choices, rejecting the other three. Rejection is a harsh word, but I'm so happy because now I can stop worrying about getting in and just work my butt off for those 300 ucas points. I need to organise my student finance and accommodation (it's scary to think that I'll be living away from home in less than a year) and then it all comes down to results day, 14th August, here I come! 

I'm so excited!

Are any of you applying to university this year? 


  1. how exciting!! Im so happy for you! :D I'm just waiting for my tutor to read my second draft of my personal statement and then i think I'll be sending mine off. I'm so nervous... xxx

    1. Ooo good luck! Where are you applying? It is so nerve-racking when it's first sent off but then it's quite relaxing knowing there is nothing more you can do! xxx