Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Gah, I'm sorry I haven't posted in almost two weeks, time seems to be slipping straight past me lately and I really don't know what I have been doing, apart from the fact that I turned 18 last week!

For anyone who might be reading this overseas, turning 18 is about the biggest milestone in the UK, there are few things you can't do once you're 18, and the world just seems to open up right in front of you.

Eighteen things I can do now I'm eighteen:

  1. Buy alcohol
  2. Buy cigarettes
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Go to a casino
  5. Vote
  6. Get married
  7. Be in adult movies
  8. Be classed as an "adult"
  9. Get a credit card
  10. Watch "18" films in the cinema
  11. Go to 18+ gigs
  12. Be a stripper
  13. Go to nightclubs
  14. Travel unsupervised
  15. Bet on the Grand National
  16. Get paid more than £5 per hour
  17. Get a loan
  18. Join Match.com
I got some of the loveliest presents as well from friends and family, as well as some much appreciated money to keep me going until payday!

One of my favourite presents is the Barnes and Noble leather-bound edition of Hans Christian Anderson's Classic Fairy Tales. I realise it isn't exactly a stereotypical 18th-birthday present, but it really is beautiful, the illustrations are exquisite and I will keep it forever. 

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