Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dead Alice, Black Widow, Cat & Ghost

The long-awaited sixth form Halloween party finally came around last night, and here we are all ready to go, after a lovely girly evening of food, chatter, hair and make up. 

The party was at the regular venue, a grotty run-down pub that will serve the most baby faced of Year 12's. But it is the people that make the party, and it was so much fun to see what everyone had arrived as. There were gangsters, zombies, LMFAO, Frenchmen, The Spice Girls/Boys, and the classic dead school kid, among many others in fancy dress and a few boring people that didn't bother to dress up.

Arriving as the sheet ghost certainly had the desired effect, everyone was all-out staring at me as I stumbled past them (I could barely see through the eye holes) and saying "who's that under the sheet?" a few people knew that I'd planned to come as a ghost and lifted up the sheet to confirm that it was in fact me. And one person said "When you said a sheet... I didn't think you literally meant just a sheet" What on Earth were they expecting?

I love Halloween, and cannot wait for next year when I will hopefully be a fresher, I bet Halloween at university is incredible. My UCAS application has officially been sent off and now all I can do is wait for offers, wish me luck!

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