Thursday, 31 October 2013

This is Halloween

Halloween is here once again and I have to admit that it my third favourite day of the year (after Christmas and my birthday)

I've been in love with the event since I was about five, I was probably considered a strange kid as I was obsessed with witches and magic (it probably all kicked off with Harry Potter and spiralled from there) so I loved taking the opportunity to dress up and go trick-or-treating around the local houses. I've been known to make "Halloween food" the most memorable being a pudding that was supposed to be a brain (but was actually a pink chocolate brain-shaped shell filled with marshmallows and Rice Krispies)

These days I still love dressing up, and deciding what I'm going to be for Halloween is a yearly question that I take great joy in answering. This year as you may know (and if you don't, read here) I am going as a sheet ghost to a party tomorrow night, and last Saturday I attended a party dressed as a witch. Fancy dress is something of a minefield: I want people to know who/what I am, but I still want to be original, and I don't want to look slutty but I still sort of want to look nice. I usually end up fashioning my own costume because the packet ones are so expensive, and where is the fun in just ordering something from the internet?

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