Monday, 7 October 2013

Stop being a dick

I am sure that I am not the first, and will by no means be the last girl to be confused by boys. They say that we are the complicated beings and that they are simple creatures, with simple minds... if only they knew how confusing (and aggravating) their behaviour could really be.

The one thing though that really annoys me, that grinds my gears, creams my corn and makes me want to throw my boot at them, is when they treat girls like property. What kind of thought process leads a guy into thinking that he can go behind his girlfriend's back and tell a guy not to talk to her?

He doesn't tell his girlfriend it bothered him, or even ask her to stop talking to the boy. No, he completely skips the part that might actually involve a girl's point of view, and tells the boy not to speak to his girlfriend again, and his girlfriend has no idea. If he does it over Facebook, then he has a small wena and no more can be said. I applaude the boys who don't listen to these stupid, immature boyfriends and continue to talk to the girlfriends, because atleast you realise that we are entitled to our own opinion and this is 20-bloody-13, not 1823, and girls are not a boy's property, they'll talk to who they damn-well like.

It's so chauvinistic, and all just a battle of egos and "don't go talking to my woman" - it's bollocks! Haven't we come far enough now that boys might just realise that girls are entitled to their own fucking opinion and have the ability to actually make their own decisions about who talks to them and who doesn't?

I don't know if any boys are reading this right now, but if you take anything from this post, let it be this:
If you are feeling insecure about your girlfriend talking to other boys, just talk to her about it. Not so difficult, is it?

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