Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dark Angels

I recently invested in a pot of Lush cleanser, and I have not been disappointed.

My skin is really bad - it's very oily and needs so much care and attention; if I have a couple of "a make up wipe will do" days it really shows and my skin is red and riddled with spots. I also have to be rather careful with the products I use, I stick to the same faithful products that I know don't mess with my skin, because it's such a careful balance between making sure it isn't oily and making it too dry.

This cleanser is perfect for someone like me who suffers from oily skin. You simply take a pea-sized piece and mix it with water to make a paste, then scrub it into your face. It's made with black sugar so it's really grainy and you really feel like your cleaning out all your pores when you use it. Ofcourse the charcoal gives it its signature black colour so be careful to rinse properly so it's all washed off! But afterwards my skin is left feeling so soft and it helps get rid of the annoying clumps of spots on my chin and forehead. 

At £6.35 for a pot it might seem expensive, but one pot goes a long way, since you can use a tiny bit of cleanser and mix it to a milk texture and it will cover your whole face, it's not bad value really. And because it's Lush it has no nasty chemicals so you know it's all good stuff that you're putting on your face.

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