Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Jumper - H! By Henry Holland at Debenhams
Skirt - Republic

I will admit that the Christmas jumper turned out to be something of a bad move today, but the sky was so grey this morning how was I to know how lovely the day would turn out to be? And it's so nice and soft and the print on it is so cute I couldn't wait to wear it!

When I walked into English today I was told that I looked like Juno, and while I wasn't sure how to take this comment (Juno was, after all, pregnant at sixteen) I do think she's pretty awesome, with her laid-back attitude and brilliant sarcasm, it is also one of my favourite films, so overall I wasn't too offended.

Today in school we had a talk on personal statements, and although it was supposed to be helpful advice it really scared me! I didn't realise how fierce the competition for university places was (although come Clearing and they seem to let anyone in) and just how important my personal statement is to my application. I know why I want to do English, why I've always wanted to be a writer, I'm just not sure that it's what the universities want to hear.

The truth is that I wrote a story called "Jenny and the Witch" when I was in reception class and my teacher was so impressed by it that I had to go around all the classrooms in my primary school and read it to everyone. Since then I've wanted to write. Ofcourse other ambitions have come and gone: I've wanted to be a pop star, an actress and a dressmaker at some point in my life, but my love of literature (although not always the stuff I'm supposed to like, I've never been too interested in Shakespeare or the Bronte sisters) and desire to write has stood the test of time.

I'm really scared about applying for university, I hope somewhere decent will have me.

Are any of you applying to university this year?

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