Sunday, 1 September 2013

Everything will be okay

At some point I will post about fashion again, but you are warned in the header that this blog is "fashion and miscellaneous" so I can get away with writing about whatever I like from time to time.

On Friday I went for a job interview. It was my first official job interview and I was so nervous, I was taken to the manager's office where I sat facing a middle-aged man who asked me why I wanted to work at Primark. Whatever I said must have been the right thing because at the end of the interview he offered me the job! 

Yesterday I had my induction (they work fast at Primark) where I had to fill in a ridiculous amount of forms and listen as the supervisor read from the staff handbook. There were six of us starting yesterday so it was nice to be in a group. I got till trained and I think I've forgotten everything I was told then got sent to work on my department. It was a very full day and I was so tired when I eventually got home, but luckily my contract means that I only have to work four hours a week. 

So now I finally have a job with contracted hours so I know how much money I'm going to get every month which is lovely. It feels so strange to not be constantly job hunting.

School is also going well, although I haven't been in almost seven weeks my AS results were good so that puts me in a good position for my A2 exams and hopefully university next year. 

In conclusion, my life is going alright, and I hope yours is too.


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