Monday, 18 February 2013

Is it summer?

This evening was one of those evenings that we love, one that's straight from an indie coming-of-age movie. We were walking down the hill, Hannah with guitar in hand and playing a medley of our favourite songs. 

After retrieving borrowed belongings from the ghost of a relationship passed, we found ourselves strolling down the road, belting out favourites such as 'My Wena' and 'Misery Business', and thinking, is this the start of the Spring/Summer section of the year?

The past couple of summers have held many of these evenings. Not collecting belongings from an ex, but sitting together, in a big circle in the grass that contained friends, acquaintances and almost-strangers, listening to one person's acoustic guitar, and singing along to any of the words that you remember. It is the very essence of summer, of friends, laughter and music, all rolled together in a warm evening as the sun falls in to the horizon. 

But the most important question that sprouts from this description is, what were we wearing?!

What were we thinking? From the floral lace tights to the snail print tee, from the 'lose control' vest, to the DC trainers. It's hard to fathom that these two people, dressed in charity shop rejection equivalents, started a fashion blog.

But this year, we will look half-decent, promise.

Is it summer?

White top

Distressed shorts
£81 -

Strappy shoes

Hollister Co beaded jewelry
£9.36 -

Gimme a kiss

£6.88 -

Vintage shorts
£3.87 -

Emilio Pucci red bracelet
£620 -

L A M B enamel jewelry
£42 -

Wrap ring
£23 -

Chain jewelry
£15 -

Miss Selfridge stud earrings
£7.10 -

Cateye sunglasses
£6.45 -

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