Monday, 31 December 2012

I have acquired a laptop for Christmas, so will be doing plenty more posting, I finally feel like I have the internet at my fingertips :p

I thought that since I now have £38 worth of Topshop vouchers, a £10 WH Smith voucher and some other moneys, I will do a wishlist! I love getting vouchers as it means I can't wimp out of spending money, which is usually my case!

First of all, I want a leather jacket, nothing too expensive, but I don't want one that looks cheap, which can sometimes be a difficult balance, this Topshop one for £50.00 is lovely, although, I think I'll have a problem with spending so much money at once;

Next of all, these Topshop pointed creepers are so nice, I'll never get them, as I just daren't spend £85, but I love them;

Another jacket, I really like this Denim biker jacket, it looks like it would be really warm and good for layering up clothes, it's also quite a plain colour, which is something I am having an issue with at the minute as I have two purpley coats and a navy one with red hood, which means that they don't mix well with some colours, this would be great, but again it's quite expensive at £65, hopefully there's a cheaper one somewhere :p it's also quite lumberjacky, I've always wanted a jacket like that;
I have too many jumpers already, but this is so great that I may actually buy it, it has this great planet and spaceship print, it's £28, but I think it's worth it;
Finally, I want another blouse, and I love this western style one that has been reduced to £20.00;
I've decided my New Years resolution is to really, really clear out my wardrobe, I will take no prisoners this time. I will then save my money to buy some items that I will actually wear and that will be useful. I'm awful for keeping clothes, thinking 'I'm sure I'll find some way to wear it'. I never do. Ever.
Now for my book wish list, what I really want are;
The rest of the books in the Eragon series, I loved the first one, and have read a quarter of the second, but I had to give it back to the library :( I'm dying to know what happens!

I would also quite like this book called Mythology: The Complete Guide To Our Imagined Worlds, it would help me with my Art coursework, and I would love to read it;
Whilst writing this I was listening to this song, I love the lyric, 'The place I used to live made me feel like a tourist, I couldn't co-exist with the cold and suspicious' ;
Thankyou for reading this post, I will 100% definitely be posting more, this time I mean it haha.

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