Sunday, 9 June 2013

An update

Well, firstly I would like to say a huge sorry for not posting for almost a month, that is not good blogging practise I know, but exams have to come first and they're all out of the way now for another year so I can focus on things I actually enjoy, like baking, blogging and going out.

I wish I could tell you that so much has happened over the last month, but to tell you the truth my life has been consumed by exams and revision, which is why I thought a short break from blogging may be a good idea, it's not as if I would have had a whole lot to talk about.

Firstly though, I have actually got a job! You may remember Enthalpy Change of Formation where I complained that I went to enquire about a job vacancy and wasn't successful. WELL the woman rung me up at 7 o'clock last night and asked me if I could start at 10 o'clock this morning! It is only pot washing at the weekend but money is money and it's in a really nice place, a lovely little coffee shop overlooking the canal. I also get to choose which of the homemade delights I would like for my dinner (and get it for free) and then get to take home a load of left over cakes and pastries at the end of my shift, so I can't complain.

I have also managed to acquire the new Paramore album (by that I mean I borrowed a copy and imported it onto my iTunes) I think it is a really good album and cannot decide what my favourite song is! Hayley Williams is just perfection in every way.

Hope you haven't missed us too much

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