Thursday, 20 June 2013

From a very young age...

Shirt - Flotique (available here
Jacket - Vintage 
Skirt - Republic 
Sneakers - Converse

Okay, so I admit that the jacket isn't really vintage... it's my mum's. But she did buy it in the 90's so technically it is still vintage, but vintage sounds a whole lot cooler than "borrowed from my mum" doesn't it? 

We are beginning to write our personal statements for university applications at school now, which is a very daunting process because 1) I am not good at talking myself up and 2) I don't have any hobbies that a university would really approve of; my free time consists of scrolling Tumblr, watching TV, baking and reading magazines.

I do enjoy writing though, which is why I'm considering an English degree in which I can choose certain modules which include creative writing. The whole reason I began this blog in the first place with my good friend Hannah was to get my voice out there and get some writing practise in, bloggers are always getting featured in Company magazine and I think it's a great place to start.

I hope you're all good, and if you have any tips for applying to university I'd very much like to here them!

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