Thursday, 2 January 2014

January Sales

I'm currently rewarding myself for actually doing revision over the holidays (!) by showing you guys the purchases I made in the sales.

Shoes - £24 £12 - Next
Bra - £10 £4 - Next
Shirt - £30 £21 - Debenhams
Cardigan - £15 £10 - Debenhams

Me and my mum couldn't face going into town or to a big shopping centre, but there's a nice out-of-town retail park with a big Next and Debenhams which was more than enough for us two. We couldn't go on Boxing Day because we both work in retail and had to work those sales ourselves. 

As sale shopping goes I think this was pretty restrained, I only bought things that I had genuinely wanted before the sales, but a combination of payday and sales meant that it was certainly worth the wait. I love the cute car print on the shirt (because obviously I don't have enough printed shirts with collars) and the cardigan was for work which is a pretty boring purchase actually!

I've also ordered a sweatshirt from Jack Wills in their sale, it's been dispatched today so with any luck it will be here before I go back to school and makes me feel a bit better about the fact that I'm back at school on Monday. 

Jack Wills Beechway Crew

Beechway Crew £49.50 £34

The jumper is rather plain but I think it will look good over printed shirts with a skirt to make it look more girly, or worn casually with jeans on those days when I practically crawl out of bed and cannot create a more imaginative outfit. 

Have you guys found any bargains?

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