Friday, 3 January 2014


I realise you're supposed to make your resolutions on New Year's Day but what does it matter if I'm a couple of days late, right?

Resolution number one - stop being so shy
I am an incredibly shy person around people that I don't know, I just can't understand why they would want to talk to me because I know that I come across as quiet and boring and nerdy. I see other people that can talk to literally anyone and I just think why can't I do that? I'm hoping that going to university will really help me with this, but on the other side I'm also terrified of being completely on my own in nine months.

Resolution number two - stop biting my nails
If I could change one thing about my body it would definitely be my hands. They look like the hands of a child but they aren't at all cute. The problem with this, ofcourse, is that even with all the money in the world, I couldn't do anything about them, even Madonna can't make her hands look younger, so me asking for long, slim fingers is downright impossible. But one thing that would make them look better is if I stopped biting my nails. I've tried many times but I'm 18 now and I am sick of this childish habit and how crappy they always look.

Resolution number three - be more healthy
I am quite a lazy person, I'd much rather sit here and write a blog post than go for a run (especially today, it's far too chilly!) but a lack of motivation combined with a sweet tooth is a recipe for disaster (or atleast, no longer fitting in to my jeans) so I need to do something. I plan to eat more healthily, drink more green tea and do some exercise, even if it is just going for a short walk or something.

Resolution number four - write more
I've probably said this many times, but my dream job is to be a writer, and I won't improve without practise. The main reason that I took to blogging was that it was a way to make myself write regularly, and hopefully get some feedback and generally improve. I hope that my degree will help me with this even more, because it's the only job I've ever really wanted to do.

There are lots of other goals I'd like to set myself, but I think four is enough for one year. 
Let's see where I am in a year's time. 

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