Monday, 30 January 2012

Dip - dyed hair!

Good evening!

I know that I have already declared my love for coloured hair, but now it is time to go into great detail. Everyone is doing at the minute, I admit, but does that make is less cool? I think not.

Dip dyed hair is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.
I myself have done it many times, and it's one of those things that just cannot go wrong. You may think that you've put the dye to far up your hair - it still looks awesome. That you haven't left it on for long enough - it still looks awesome. That you spread it unevenly - it still looks awesome.

The dye I use (and recommend) is La Riche's Directions!
It's semi - permenant, and depending on the colour and condition of your hair, can last anything from 2/3 washes to 2/3 months! The redder colours tend to stay better, I've been told this is because they're more 'natural', whereas the blues and greens fade more quickly.

For example, my friend has light brown hair with lots of naturally blonde highlights running through it, and it takes colour really well, she used a bright red colour from Directions, (possibly Pillarbox Red or Poppy Red? Something very red anyway!) she left it on for about half an hour I believe, and it is still fading from her hair from November.

Whereas I used, both Cerise and Midnight Blue from Directions on the ends of my medium brown hair which takes colour badly, or reluctantly shall we say, I left it on for 15 minutes and it was gone within 3 or 4 washes. Which is what I wanted! I also used Tangerine allover my head, and that lasted 4 washes before completely going back to my original colour.

I think this is more an advantage than a disadvantage that the colour intensity and lasting time can be manipulated so easily, it means that you can dye your hair very specifically, if you wanted it to wash out in one wash, or last weeks, you could probably dye accordingly. Plus, Directions is a 'conditioning dye' so doesn't harm your hair at all, infact, my hair was so soft and shiny after I used it that it was difficult to do anything with. It's also really cheap, £3.99 a tub near where I live, and I've dip dyed my hair with the same tub about 5 times, as well as putting a streak underneath it atleast 5 times and dying my friend's hair underneath with it 2 times, and I'm nowhere near the bottom!

It's really good.

Incase you want to try it after that amazing advertising right there, here's a step by step guide of how to dip dye with Directions! (so much alliteration)

1. I'd advise you either do this topless and braless, sling an old towel or sheet around your shoulders, or wear a top you don't mind being savagely dyed forever. Gloves are also a good idea but not necessary. (I never use them)
2. Take a comb (or just use your fingers) and dip it in the dye, you don't need too much a little goes a very long way!
3. Comb the dye through the ends of your hair, about 2 or 3 inches in is a good starting point, you can always dye higher if you want to!
4. Make sure there are no lumps of dye left in the ends of your hair, comb it through so it's even and seperated.
5. Leave the dye on for at least 15 minutes, depending on how intense you want your colour!
6. Wash the ends of your hair in a sink or with one of those sprayer thingys, I don't know what they're called!
7. You may or may not find that the colour of your hands now matches the colour of the dye rather exactly, (and you may or may not have to go to your Auntie's Christmas gathering in 30 minutes with 'Cerise' hands and be questioned aggressively) I have heard that nail varnish remover or vinegar have some effect, if not, just wear gloves or wash thoroughly, it doesn't sting or anything, it's just annoying and somewhat awkward to having coordinated hair and hands.
8. Voila!

If you're now DYING (get it) to dip dye, here's the Directions website,, '34 intense shades', that's a lot!
And also, I thought this was cool, their catchphrase for Directions is, 'celebrate your individuality', and that's awesome, do itttttttttttttttt!

P.S there's also brushes on the site for dying, and they fit into the tub perfectly, whereas you'll do well to find a comb or brush that does, the tubs are quite 'petite' but by no means not worth the money! You can also buy them in packs of four I think, which I may end up doing, it's addictive, be warned!

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