Friday, 27 January 2012

A short introduction (of Hannah one half of the full moon)

Hey! So I am the 'prawny friend' described below, Hannah!
I thought it would be polite if firstly I introduced my favourite 'fashiony celebrity' people and a little about myself.
I love reading, writing and music, but I'm also fascinated by clothes. I'm shy and apparently sarcastic, but I try very hard to be a good person! And as you will soon find out, I'd love to be ginger.
The first person who inspires me and my choices of garmentation etc is;
Hayley Williams
Paramore is my very favourite band, and Hayley is the coolest person ever. Her hair is just woah, and her style is so casual and easy to imitate but at the same time powerful and full to bursting of her personality. She's probably my 'idol'.

Secondly, Florence Welch!
I love indie and vintage clothing, and Florence wears nothing but, I adore the colours she uses and how everything is so floaty and feminine, it mirrors her music perfectly.

And lastly, the model, Charlotte Free!
Her style is perfect. Patterned tights, shorts, collared shirts, jumpers and band tees, what could be better? As you may well have noticed, I love bright hair, and hers is no exception!
Other fashion - related trends that I am fond of include; red lips, nerdy glasses, flicky eyeliner, leather belts, brogues, scarves and knee high socks.

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