Tuesday, 31 January 2012


After my mum went to Tesco and replenished my Pritt Stick supply, I was able to create the collage that I wanted to for my last post, One half short of a full moon.

It is by no means the most extensive of collages - given that it barely covers a measly A4 piece of paper, and because of this it does not hold everything that I like about fashion - but it does hold many of the things that I like.

Hats - I have a few hats, two of which are trilby's. My dad says that they make me look like an old man, and my straw trilby has brought on comments about Paulo Nutini, but I like them. Hats are brilliant, they cover up all manner of hair sins - including unwashed bedhead, but at the same time, they make a statement. It takes a fair bit of confidence, I think, to put something on your head and walk out the house in it, too many people worry that they look silly in hats, and I am here to tell you to embrace them! Put down the straighteners and stick on your beanie!
Spots, Stripes and Patterns - I do love a good bit of pattern, so last winter's Navaho trend was wonderful for me, with all the Aztec and Fairisle patterns available in so many colours and styles. I own both a Fairisle cardigan and an Aztec cardigan - which my dad told me makes me look like Starskey and Hutch, but what does he know?
Denim - I live in skinnies, and I particularly love high-waisted jeans because they both hold in your stomach and prevent any builder's-bum embarrassment! I have blue, black and dark green high-waisted skinnies, along with two pairs of ordinary blue skinnies. But when the sun starts to shine, I love pulling on my shorts and showing off my milk bottles! I have long since given up on trying to get my legs to turn any shade of brown, nowadays I simply slap on the factor 30 (yes, I need factor 30 in England) and let them blind those around me.
Knitwear - I adore knitwear - be it cardigans or jumpers or hats, I love snuggling into a bit piece of wool and feeling all wintry and cosy. I'm one of those people that wears one more layer than everyone else and is still just as cold, so the knitwear really warms me up, and it just looks so cute!

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