Friday, 22 June 2012

i wouldnt be surprised if you cant remember me...

I'm sorry guys! Holly has been holding this blog downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

But, last Sunday was the best day of my life. Absolute best.

I saw Blink 182 LIVE.


Here are a selection of pictures from the night, none of which are mine, I'll put some of mine on at a later date!

This is the setlist, apart from Blowjob and maybe Fuck a Dog, they did all the songs I wanted them to do, it was amazing, so amazing! I can't even put into words! The 2 songs labelled, 'Encore' was actually an acoustic set they did in the middle of the arena, and the doors they came through, were right next to us, literally a couple of metres seperated us, just adjkasodijsaodnhasod :p

Like I said, in the next post I do I will put up our pictures and videos of the gig. I'm still stoked from it, soon post concert depression will kick in!


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