Friday, 15 June 2012

One trend I will definitely not be trying...

The shinge (short fringe)


No. No. No!

Am I the idiot here, or does it just look a bit... weird?
Josh Wood Atelier "It puts all the attention on your face..." Well, duh! Ofcourse it does!

I don't think I'd even try this trend out if Alex Pettyfer agreed to spend the night with me on the condition that I had a shinge cut in... okay, then maybe, just maybe. Possibly. If I had the deal in writing. 

A while ago, there were three girls in the year below me that all showed up with matching shinges, and it later came out that one of them was doing a beauty diploma at college and they'd all had fringes cut in, but they weren't level, so they kept going shorter and shorter and shorter. It was hilarious. More hilarious because the hair was too short to even be pulled back, so the shinge was out for all to see!

It's one of the things that sometimes baffles me about fashion, how can something that we used to mock suddenly be considered cool? This is probably one of the reasons I shouldn't be a fashion blogger, but it wasn't too long ago that we were all mocking this particular lady...

I'm sorry, but whenever I see a short fringe, I think of her.
Fashion bloggers don't have to like every trend, right?

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