Wednesday, 3 April 2013

C is for Company magazine

Company magazine is something of a bible to me and Hannah.

For me, it is the perfect woman's magazine, because it isn't all about celebrity gossip and how to be good in bed, it focuses on fashion and interesting careers, it's aimed at independent women and in a few years that is what I would like to be considered.

It focuses on a huge range of jobs, from those in fashion and media to those in catering and finance, showing that you can make any area cool and interesting as long as you have a certain level of commitment to it. I won't deny that I change my ambition almost every month as the magazine focuses on a different sector, but it doesn't just show off the fancy titles and perks, but also how the people got those jobs, and for most, it was simple hard work. I like that.

Ofcourse it is at its most basic level a fashion magazine, it lists all the latest trends but most importantly shows you how to wear them. How many times have you seen something you really like in a store but couldn't imagine anything to wear it with? Company helps with that (I also find Lookbook to be something of a life saver in those circumstances!)

And the cover girl is always a woman who's actually done something, she isn't there because of her boob job or latest boyfriend, but she's on there because of her new film or album or tv show, which just backs up the ethos of the magazine.

Maybe this post seems a little OTT for a simple magazine, but Company really does help me to think about what to do in my life and how I intend to get there, we can't all just marry a millionaire!


  1. I know what you mean about it helping you think what to do in life and how to get there, it's a really good magazine! It provides a lot more information than any other I find, I love the fact it really celebrates independence and doesn't bore you with such topics as Jordan's new husband (thanks to a trashy magazine cover I only just found out she had remarried!)

    I wouldn't say you had gone over the top, it's a great magazine!

    Issy (: xx

    1. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment!
      I just feel that it doesn't get the appreciation it deserves, it always seems a little tucked away behind Cosmo when I look for it in the shops xx