Sunday, 28 April 2013

I hope we're holding hands by New Year's Eve

Shirt - River Island
Shorts - Primark
Shoes - Vans at Schuh

URGH I give up on the challenge, my life is simply not structured enough to cope with things like that, that's why I haven't made a revision timetable, I like to just see what happens and make the most of what the day brings.

Life lately has been a bit hectic with revision and coursework, but I go on study leave in two weeks (yay!) so hopefully I will have a bit of time then considering I have twelve whole days of study leave before my first exam... I then have three exams over three days but what can you do? In around six weeks time it will all be over for another year and then I can relax and go back to sitting in the common room instead of the study room during my free periods, when did everything become so boring?

Me and Hannah have booked tickets to see Bowling For Soup on their Farewell UK tour in October (my first live show, eek!) and I'm really looking forward to seeing them as this is the last chance we will ever have :)

I hope you're all doing good :)

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