Monday, 8 April 2013

G for Green day

I have recently become more and more interested by this band and it's members, I think it is time that I wrote a post about them.

 I'm going to start with a few facts;

  • The band is made up of three official members, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.
  • The band name comes from the slang term, 'Green day'. To have a 'Green day' you would sit around being lazy and smoke weed.
  • Billie Joe considers himself bisexual, and believes that we are all born with this orientation and only become straight or gay due to social pressures and events in our lives.
  • Tre Cool was born in Germany.
  • Mike Dirnt was adopted.
Famed for songs such as 'American Idiot' and 'Wake Me Up When September Ends', the band are almost considered a household name. Their strong political messages about the state of their country and the world, and their tackling of the feelings of being a lost generation both mean that their songs are powerful and thought-provoking. I love bands that make you feel, and this band really makes me feel something.

The other day I was sat home and it was about half 9, and I watched this video and I just started crying because every meaning and every phrase meant something about how I felt at that moment, in terms of the world and how it is put together, how people justify their actions and their believes, what we are made to believe from a young age, what is so shockingly wrong with society and the people within it, and how their generation and my generation are made out to be a waste and a failure, when really we are just the first people to realise that things are fundamentally wrong with people and our cultures, and the fact that it is a live video makes it even better, you can see the emotion and intent behind every chord, and every word and every movement, it's amazing. My personal favourite lyric is, 'I don't feel any shame, I won't apologise', because quite frankly, I do not feel any shame for what I believe and what I can see, and that even though some people may think that I am sometimes disrespectful and maybe too honest about certain things, I have thought through everything I say in these respects and it is just what I think, so I'm sorry, but I'm really not sorry.



  1. I love Green Day, agree so much with everything you've said. They always send such an honest message with their songs and the lyrics are so meaningful rather than a lot of the stuff that's churned out with repetitive lines these days!

    You're right about there being no need to apologise, people stand out with their views and opinions and I only think it's right we should get to voice them!

    Great post (:


    1. They do, you're so right, I wish more people would listen to stuff like this instead of charts rubbish and then maybe we'd be getting somewhere as a race y'know. Exactly, that is what I think! I have as much right to say what I want as anyone else, just because what I have to say may shock people doesn't mean I've not got a point :p

      thankyou very much for commenting, have a lovely day!
      hannah xxx