Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hire Me!

Dress - H! By Henry Holland at Debenhams 
Cardigan - George at Asda

Yes, I buy my clothes from the supermarket - but they are cheap and this black boyfriend cardigan goes with absolutely everything so it truly was an absolute bargain!

The dress is from the H! by Henry Holland range at Debenhams which has to be my favourite clothing range at the moment - I now own three dresses from there and a pair of the most fabulous jeans that are covered in tiny velvet stars (they will feature in an outfit post soon, I promise) 

I wore this outfit to go job hunting in today around my local town and I'm sure that most of you reading this will know just how depressing it is to not even be turned down, just simply not considered, for a job that you are perfectly capable of doing. I will do absolutely anything if it means getting a few set hours each week, but it really is not encouraging when all you get is "We aren't hiring at the moment, would you like to leave your CV?" I bet they never look at the damn thing anyway.


  1. I've never bought anything from Henry Holland but it's my favourite concession in Debenhams, the colours and prints are so fun to look at. :) Job hunting is the most depressing thing ever but eventually someone will contact you back, don't give up! x