Monday, 26 August 2013


People say that your ex will always leave a scar on you, an emotional scar, that is. It doesn't matter how long you were together, how good the relationship or how messy the break up was, the time you spent with that person will have an effect on you.

It could be a habit, like how to make a great cup of tea, or maybe they introduced you to a band or TV show that you now love, maybe they affected your personality in some small way, like making you more confident, or perhaps they altered what you're like in your next relationship: clingy or distant.

Personally I find it amazing that being in a relationship with somebody can change you, but when you think about it it isn't all too surprising - for whatever length of time, that person was a central figure in your life, you probably spent lots of time together and spoke everyday, something of them is bound to rub off on you.

But then it's also quite flattering to think that you will have changed somebody (admittedly it could be for better or for worse) because of the role you had in their life. Even if you can't stand your ex now, isn't it rather incredible to think that they now love that band because of you? Or have the confidence to talk to the new kid at school? I think that's pretty special.

What's my scar? Well, I'm not sure that any of you will care, but if you do...
I think my ex made me slightly clingier than I like to admit to being. I need to be told that I am loved and I'm all too quick to think the worst. I only have one ex so I only have one scar (as of yet)

What do you think your scars are?

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