Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I hope this lasts

What I'm wearing:
Trilby hat - €10 - Disneyland Paris
Boyfriend's T-Shirt - H&M
Shorts - £22 - Next
Bracelets - Here, there and everywhere

Yesterday was the start of a heatwave that will hopefully last long enough for me to wear at least some of my summery clothes - such as the red checked shorts pictured.
I bought the trilby hat two years ago on a school trip to Disneyland Paris, I've worn it during every burst of hot weather since and it's been on just about everybody's head at some point or another. The annoying thing about people trying on my hat is that they pluck it from my head and then laugh at my hat hair. I wear the hat because I am having a bad hair day and cannot be bothered to sort it out!

The title refers to the weather, just incase you were wondering. 
Although I have vampire-like skin and burn like Hell, I love hot weather and lounging in the sun - even if I have to reapply SPF40 every ten minutes!

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