Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Inadvertent following of the sugar skull trend

What I'm wearing:

  • Skull vest - £8 - New Look
  • Cardigan - £30 - Dorothy Perkins
  • Bag - £38 - Cath Kidston
  • Tights - £1 - Primark
  • Shorts - £30 - Soul Cal at Republic
I bought this top literally months ago with a New Look gift card I received as a Christmas present, and never realised that the pictures actually make up the image of a skull! This is especially relevant as Hannah (of Doubleyou fame) has recently written a post about the skull and ribcage trend which you can read here.
I only realised the top resembles a skull when I looked in my mum's full-length mirror and now I feel completely blind for not noticing it earlier! 
I'll admit that it's a rare flash of pink in my wardrobe. Being a ginger, pink doesn't suit my colouring whatsoever and therefore I barely ever wear it, even that vest has a white background to balance out the pink. It's not that I dislike pink as a colour, because I don't, it just doesn't suit me and therefore when I'm clothes shopping I simply tend to overlook pink items in favour of blue, green or black - my favourite colours to wear.

I wore the outfit to go to Pizza Hut with Alex, celebrating 9 months together.
We ordered from the Happy Hour menu - which is really good value! I got an 11" thin pepperoni pizza, unlimited 7UP, unlimited trips to the salad bar and two pieces of garlic bread - all for just £6! Bargain.

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